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The Food Education Companies pioneering creative learning resource, Environment explores the ways in which food and the environment are linked. It is comprised of a number of modules which can be used as a whole or in its component parts.

What are the benefits?

  • Promotes the development of successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.
  • Encourages positive attitudes towards future well-being and healthy lifestyles.
  • Provides a range of innovative curriculum resources that place an emphasis on skill development through real world issues.
  • Contributes to the coverage of the underpinning values of the National Curriculum and the National Curriculum learning objectives.
  • Through engaging, structured activities these resources utilise interactive teaching methods to support the development of personalised learning.
  • Provides a range of clearly identifiable assessment opportunities.
  • Supports links between the school, home and wider community (community cohesion).
  • Strongly supports the development of essential life skills identified within the Excellence and Enjoyment Strategy.
  • Provides evidence as it has been mapped against the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.
  • Provides sustainable outcomes for schools.

Environment can be used as a stand alone resource or you can engage The Food Education Company to present and facilitate the programme. Contact us to find out more about the various options.

A taster of Environment...

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"The Enterprise day was an enjoyable day for all the children. They thoroughly enjoyed tasting the menus which promoted healthy eating. The challenges of the marketing tasks drew on many enterprise skills and were very successful."

Julia Orr, Cleadon Village Primary School, Class 5 teacher.